We Care "...Because He Cares"  I Peter 5:7

Fundamental, Independent, Evangelical, Premillennial

Grandview Baptist Church is affliated with Northeast Fellowship of Independent Baptist Churches.

You Are Invited


  • Sunday School - 10:00 AM

We study the Bible on Sunday mornings.                 We study a topic or book of the Bible to find out God’s wisdom, and apply it in our lives.

  • Morning Service - 11:00 AM

We worship the Lord with fellowship, singing,   special music, Scripture reading, and of course the sermon. The sermons are directly from God’s Holy Word, the Bible, and therefore are educational, uplifting, and challenging.

  • Wednesday Prayer & Bible Study - 6:30 PM

Wednesday evenings we get together for a time of Bible study and to pray together. This is an informal time of fellowship, often with refreshments. Folks normally stay for sometime afterward just to visit with one another.


  • Thursday Prayer & Bible Study - 4:00 PM
  •       Starting October 12th

Coming Events


You Are Invited


Grandview Baptist Church is an independent,                   Bible believing assembly of believers,                                   and we would like you to come fellowship                           with us in worshipping the Lord!


Fellowship Dinner

Sunday, October 15th, 2017

12:30 pm

Enjoy the fellowship


Upcoming Events


Northeast Fellowship Ladies Advance - 9/22-23/17

Quarterly Business Meeting - October 11th - 12:30pm

Bring-A-Friend Sunday - October 22nd - 11:00am



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